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About Algmus
Gambling Treatment


Who is Algmus?

Algmus is a Joint Commission (JCAHO) accredited gambling treatment facility that provides compassionate, professional and comprehensive counseling and gambling-specific residential treatment. We serve men and women from all walks of life and all types of gambling addiction including sports betting, poker, table games, slot machines, online games, and more.

Our comfortable lodge is located in the historic, mountainous setting of Prescott, Arizona. This location offers the opportunity for our clients to gain a fresh perspective on life, away from their usual routine.

  • JCAHO accredited

  • 30 years in operation

  • Treated thousands of clients around the country

  • Featured on A&E's Intervention

  • Featured on multiple podcasts

Founding of Algmus

Algmus was founded by Rick Benson in 1992, in Rick’s own home in Florida. As a recovering compulsive gambler, Rick started renting out the spare rooms in his house to men he met at AA meetings, which he would attend when there were no GA meetings near him.

Over time, Rick decided to make his rooms available to gamblers specifically, and went on to receive proper training to become an internationally certified gambling counselor. 

The Algmus treatment program now takes places in the scenic town of Prescott, Arizona.

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"I didn't take ownership of having a problem until I went to my first Algmus meeting... When they went around the room and each person described what their game of choice was and how they processed it emotionally and mentally, it was only at that moment that I said, "wow, they are like me."
- Craig C.
Algmus Client in Recovery
"I went to Algmus in August 2021 to stop gambling, but I got so much
more. I rediscovered my true self and came to understand the addicted
brain and what I need to do to make it well.
- Dan L.
Algmus Client in Recovery


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Meet Our Staff

The staff-to-patio ratio at Algmus is nearly one-to-one, ensuring that our clients receive the full attention and support that they need. Our staff are all highly trained in treating gambling disorder and the accompanying underlying issues; some staff members are even recovering from compulsive gambling themselves and fully understand the struggles that our clients are experiencing.

At Algmus, we believe in the importance of not only treating the gambling disorder itself, but also getting to the root of any underlying mental health disorders in order to increase the chances of a successful recovery. 

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