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Our Mission for
Treating Gambling

Why Treat Gambling Addiction?

Millions of individuals in the United States and around the world struggle with gambling addiction, but only a small percentage reach out for help. Gambling addiction is easy to hide in comparison with a drug or alcohol addiction, and there is also a heavy stigma surrounding gambling addiction. 

Since gambling is so normalized in our society, many gamblers don't see their compulsive gambling habits as a problem. However, gambling can quickly spiral out of control and can become detrimental to one's mental health.

In the majority of cases, clients who come to Algmus have underlying mental health disorders. Our staff consists of certified gambling counselors, therapists, and clinical psychiatrists who are well-equipped to address the root cause of the gambling addiction. 

Why Gambling-Specific?

There are very few gambling-specific treatment programs in the United States, but we believe that gambling-specific programs are essential. 

Gamblers who are intermingled with drug and alcohol addicts often find that they are unable to identify with anyone, and that they are misunderstood by the staff and their peers.

Inquire About the Program

Gamblers need to attend Gamblers Anonymous, and be in community with other gamblers in recovery, but often the only meetings available at treatment centers is Alcoholics Anonymous. It is not enough to substitute the word “alcohol” for “gambling,” since they are two very different addictions, and need to be treated differently. 

Why Residential Treatment?

It tends to be very beneficial for compulsive gamblers to get away from the stress and familiarity of their home environment for at least a month, in order to gain a new perspective and develop new healthy routines. Having uninterrupted time to focus on the recovery process and inner healing is essential. 

Our residential gambling addiction treatment program runs for 4-8 weeks depending upon individual needs. We have seen that longer treatment durations increase the likelihood for a successful recovery.




"It has been just over five years since I spent 40 days at Algmus in Prescott. It was a very difficult time but made much simpler through the gentle coaxing, teachings, therapies and friendships provided and made through a unique understanding and shared experience of gambling addiction.

Algmus saved my life and my family. It has taken a few years to earn back the trust and respect I had lost, but I am blessed to be healthier and happier than I would have believed possible.

A special "Thank you" to Rick Benson and crew. I am humbled by the work you do.

- Anne A.
Algmus Client in Recovery
"My very first group meeting at Algmus,
there were about a dozen other men and women from all across the country. And one by one, every single one of them is talking about how they processed gambling, emotionally and mentally, and they took every single word verbatim out of my mouth. I didn't think I had a problem. I just thought no one else understood that I was so good at gambling. Now I'm blessed today. I have not wagered in any way, shape or form in over two years, and I'm proud of that.

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- Craig Carton
Algmus Client in Recovery
"I went to Algmus in August 2021 to stop gambling, but I got so much more. I rediscovered my true self and came to understand the addicted brain and what I need to do to make it well.
If you are struggling. If you are out of control. If you just want all the craziness of chasing money and falling further and further behind, to stop, let these good people help you! They are so well trained, many former gambling addicts themselves. They know what they're doing. All of my fellows in recovery had different patterns, styles and games and yet the staff worked wonders with them all. They knew the different types we were and how to maximize treatment effectiveness. Last I heard, we were all doing great post-rehab. I know I have placed my last bet in this lifetime.
- Dan L.
Algmus Client in Recovery
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