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Residential Gambling Treatment


About Our Program

Our Residential Treatment Program for Gambling is located in the scenic town of Prescott, Arizona. The 30+ Day program gently guides the disordered gambler away from their addiction and into a place of acceptance and empowerment. From here, they can make the behavioral changes needed to create a life free from gambling and other addictive behaviors.

Our experienced therapists, psychiatrists, and certified gambling counselors work with clients to help them uncover the root causes of their gambling so that they can build their lives back up. 

Beyond daily group sessions and individual therapy with a primary gambling therapist or counselor, clients will have the opportunity to participate in alternative therapies, and day trips to surrounding areas like Sedona.

Taking the opportunity to get away from one's home environment can be extremely beneficial for the gambler. Removing oneself from the stressors of everyday life and having uninterrupted time to devote to their recovery can be crucial in the healing process. 

Inquire About the Program

Algmus Gambling Treatment Services is proud to be one of the best in residential treatment for gambling disorder anywhere in the United States, with a staff-to-patient ratio of nearly one-to-one.  



"It has been just over five years since I spent 40 days at Algmus in Prescott. It was a very difficult time but made much simpler through the gentle coaxing, teachings, therapies and friendships provided and made through a unique understanding and shared experience of gambling addiction.

Algmus saved my life and my family. It has taken a few years to earn back the trust and respect I had lost, but I am blessed to be healthier and happier than I would have believed possible.

A special "Thank you" to the staff, I am humbled by the work you do.

- Anne A.
Algmus Client in Recovery
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